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Amy Noelle
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the silence isn't so bad / 'till i look at my hands & feel sad / 'cause the spaces between my fingers / are right where yours fit perfectly
-owl city

April 2009
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Amy Noelle [userpic]

 Cliff, shag, & marry meme from builtofsorrow . This has so become my new favourite game EVER.

So, she gave me Marshall Eriksen from How I Met Your Mother (one of my favourite telly shows), Rose Tyler, & Andie, from Step Up 2: The Streets, which is one of my guilty pleasures. Heh. -hides- 

& here we go. =DCollapse )

Had jury duty today, & am going back tomorrow. I am pretty sure that I would be okay doing jury duty several times a year. The waiting room part was great, despite dragging on for a really long time (I was in there for like, seven hours...): I got to talk to several lovely people on the phone, & watch Lost & Law & Order: UK (some of an episode anyway, before my computer died...), & read, & it was quite nice. & then I got called into the courtroom an hour before we would have been released, but it was actually very interesting. They're still working through the jury selection, hence the need for my return tomorrow, in case they let people off tomorrow based on lack of qualification or really shitty excuses. But I don't mind. The judge is even very nice, & also funny, which always makes things less miserable, right?

Amy Noelle [userpic]

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